SCIPP Reunion and 35th Anniversary

April 24-April 25, 2015
University of California Santa Cruz 

Time Location Activity Description
3:00-5:30 NatSci 2 Lab Tours
  • Come hang out in Nat Sci 2, share appetizers and stories with old and new friends and take a tour of the SCIPP labs.
2:00-6:00 ISB 102 Theory Symposium
6:00 Various Dinner-Open Evening
Saturday 4/25      
Time Location Activity Description
8:30-9:30 Lobby E&MS Coffee Social  
9:30-11:30 E&MS B206 Talks/Discussion
  • Welcome/Intros: Brad Hubbard-Nelson and Steven Ritz
  • SCIPP Founding to the Present Day: Georgia Hamel and Abraham Seiden
  • SCIPP Overview, Present and Future: Steven Ritz
  • SCIPP Slam: SCIPP Researchers
  • Q&A , discussion
11:30-1:00 E&MS Lunch  
1:00-3:00 E&MS B206 Talks/Discussion
  • Alumni discussion panels, presentations and discussions
    • Business/tech/startups
    • Educational outreach
    • New Science
    • Particle physics
  • Open Mic: What SCIPP has meant to me (continues at dinner)
  • Staying connected and involved with SCIPP: The SCIPP Network and Goals
  • Message from Chancellor George Blumenthal
3:15-3:30 Stairs of ISB Group Photo  
3:30-5:00   Open Move to Media Theater
5:00-6:30 Media Theater Public Lecture Public lecture and discussion about (i) the Higgs Boson discovery with Prof. Abraham Seiden, and (ii) Cosmology with Prof. Joel Primack, followed by Q&A with Professors Howard Haber, Abraham Seiden and Joel Primack. Refreshments served immediately following Lecture.
7:00 Porter College Dining Hall SCIPP Dinner Mingling and music followed by dinner. Please be sure to register.
Time Location Activity Description
Morning Upper Campus SCIPP Hike Nature hike guided by SCIPP Alumni- Please check message board for information.
12:00-6:00 Family Student Housing BBQ Area Physics Dept. Picnic Physics Dept Picnic