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Brandon Allgood
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Entrepreneur/CTO Joel Primack 1999-2005 I left academia and astrophysics for start-ups and computational chemistry/biology right out of grad school. I joined a start-up in 2007 called Pharmix working on computational drug design. It went the way of most start-ups do about a year and a half later; it crashed. I, with a number of my Pharmix colleagues, started a new venture (Numerate), where I have been ever since. Numerate is carrying on the work we started at Pharmix in the drug development space. I am the CTO at Numerate and I manage the software engineering team and am responsible for the development of the company's technology platform. I am also involved in advising VCs and other Silicon Valley companies on the topics of machine learning and cloud computing. In the rest of my spare time I am very involved in promoting STEM education and entrepreneurship as a UCSC Trustee, through the Commonwealth Club of California and as a board member of the Lick Observatory Council. I live in Pacifica (the most Santa Cruzy place I could find on the north end of the peninsula) with my wife, cat and dog. On the weekends you'll likely find me somewhere between Pacifica and Santa Cruz west of skyline on my motorcycle, camping, hiking or wine tasting.
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Brandon Anderson
Postdoctoral Research Robert Johnson 2006-2012 as PhD student. I took a six-month break (recommended) to adventure before continuing my research on indirect dark matter detection at the University of Stockholm.
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Kunal Arya
Consultant Hartmut Sadrozinski 2005-2007 I began my work at SCIPP during my junior year, using reconfigurable embedded FPGAs to update the Particle Tracking Silicon Microscope (PTSM) project. We wanted a robust, portable, and less error-prone solution to enable rapid testing of annealing-based healing for radiation damaged silicon-strip detectors. The data was applied to sensor candidates for the upcoming ATLAS Phase II upgrade. The project exposed me to leading-edge reconfigurable embedded systems, giving me valuable experience and insight into how the design of these systems may be automated. My dissertation work emerged directly from the work I did at SCIPP -- I recently completed research into architecture and embedded system synthesis, focused on embedded reconfigurable platforms. Aside from setting up my dissertation work, the environment at SCIPP fostered a methodological problem solving approach that taught me how to isolate an intimidating, unwieldy problem into a set of actionable items. These skills were invaluable in grad school, allowing me to cope with an increasingly complex research topic. Often in academic engineering research, the gap between actual and theoretical methods comes down to experience. Hartmut Sadrozinski, Gavin Nesom, and everyone along the way helped me gain an insight into a new problem space. They granted me full responsibility, and perhaps more importantly, spent countless hours helping me navigate the technical challenges in what turned out to be an ambitious project.
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Emanuela Barberis
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Physicist/Associate Professor Hartmut Sadrozinski 91-96 I followed an academic track after SCIPP, and a few decades and a few accelerators later, I am a faculty at northeastern U. In Boston, with a happy an busy research group working on LHC detector at CERN. I still love HEP as it still allows me to be creative in the fields of science and technology, and I treasure the collaborative, international nature of my work. I live with my husband and my son in Brookline, MA. Switching continents and coming to Santa Cruz and SCIPP has taught me the value of always challenging myself and my view of the world.
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Serena Bertone
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ISS Crew Instructor and EUROCOM Anthony Aguirre 2007-2010 I work at the European Astronaut Centre of the European Space Agency in Cologne within the International Space Station program since 2012. My main duty is engineering systems training about the European Columbus module for all assigned ISS crews. When time allows, I also work as European space capsule communicator (EUROCOM) in the Columbus flight control team in Munich, where I am in charge of communications between the ISS crew members working in Columbus and the flight control team.
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Christopher Betancourt
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PhD student Hartmut Sadrozinski 2006-2011 Just been doing the physics Scipp introduced me to the greater physics community (ATLAS in particular), and my mentors and fellow scippers helped mold me into the physicist I am today. But most importantly, The sense of community and team spirit I found at scipp has been unrivaled in my life (even in ATLAS), and I look back at my time at scipp as the most formative times of my life. Indeed, its been the best place I have ever worked
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Aurelien Bouvier
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Systems Engineer David Williams 2010-2013 After 3 enjoyable years at SCIPP working on next generation Cherenkov Telescope cameras, I moved to the private sector in a startup in the silicon valley where we are building the very first digital camera using Quantum Dots as the light sensitive material. My SCIPP years were absolutely key for me to build the necessary skills to be an efficient physicist/engineer and make a difference in the projects I'm involved in. I am very grateful to all the SCIPP folks that helped me along that path.
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Alan Breakstone
Retired Clem Heusch I'm not sure I really was at SCIPP, since I think it formed after I got my Ph.D. in 1980. I was in academia from 1980 'til 1995, then worked in the semiconductor equipment and software industries until retiring in 2008. To be honest SCIPP has not been all that valuable in my career. Mainly it has been good on the social side since I still have many friends from when I was a graduate student.
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Stuart Briber
Teacher 1999 - 2014 I have continued to help educate the next generation of upcoming physicists and raise a family. SCIPP has always provided great friends who understand issues in teaching and physics as well as how to have a good time! The level of discussions and learning has improved my understanding and helped me grow personally and professionally.
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James Bullock
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Professor Joel Primack & David WIlliams 5 I did a postdoc at Ohio State and then at Harvard before coming to UC Irvine as an Asst. Prof. in 2004. SCIPP was extremely important for my career and also as a place to build friendships during graduate school. I'm sure I would not have been as successful as I have been without my time at SCIPP.
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Patricia Burchat
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Professor Abe and Hartmut 1986-1995 After a wonderful experience as a SCIPP postdoc in SCIPP and a faculty member in physics at UCSC, I returned to my alma mater. I have been a professor at Stanford since 1995, where I eventually made a transition from experimental particle physics to observational cosmology. I have tried to model in my own research group the extremely supportive culture of SCIPP. My time at SCIPP also instilled a deep respect for understanding hardware!
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Linda Carpenter
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Prof. 2006-2009 I was a postdoc at SCIPP for 3 years. I then moved on to a postdoc at UC Irvine and am now an assistant prof. at Ohio State.
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nicolo cartiglia
Physicist 1989-1994 I'm a physicist at INFN, Torino. At SCIPP I found my two lifelong mentors.
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Grace Caslavka
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Georgia Hamel, et al 2004-2006 Surgical administration at UCSF I received the best and most memorable mentorship at SCIPP from both Georgia and the faculty than I had before and have since.
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Matteo Cavalli Sforza
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Physicist, Research Professor at the Instituto de Física de Altas Energías 
(IFAE), at the Autonomous Uni 1985-1993 Moving to Barcelona in 1993, I became one of the first research faculty members of a new Institute, IFAE, which now has grown to a staff of about 120. I started up a group in the ATLAS collaboration, now about 30 persons strong, had a role in the decision by ATLAS to build its Tile Calorimeter and built a rather visible part of it. I also dabbled in gamma-ray astrophysics and helped IFAE getting into this field. Eventually I could not avoid administrative work: from 2008 to 2014 I directed the Institute. Despite the economic hardships that hit Spain and its research funding, during my watch IFAE grew on all fronts. Coming to SCIPP from Princeton with Don Coyne, Paschal Coyle and David Williams was a very successful transition, for we found at SCIPP an environment very supportive of our research, first on SLD and later in CYGNUS and MILAGRO. Part of this success was due to working with the Nat Sci mechanical shop and with the SCIPP scientific support personnel â
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Jonathan Cornell
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Graduate Student Stefano Profumo 2009-2015 I'm finishing my Ph.D. at SCIPP this year and moving on to a post-doc at McGill University in the Fall.
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Gian-Franco Dalla Betta
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ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Hartmut Sadrozinski 2005 I kept on working on the development of radiation sensors for HEP. The most significant achievement was the design of 3D pixels that are now installed in the ATLAS IBL. It was a very nice experience, it opened me to a different approach to problems wrt the Italian one. I'm always very happy when I am able to visit SCIPP ...
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James Dann
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Teacher Johnson, Litke, Hartmut 1992-1998 I created a lab and program for high school students to study real engineering and science research. It's 10,000 ft2 with all the fixin's (3D printers, laser cutters, table and band saws, etc. plus analyzing tools like oscilloscopes, CT's, ...) You can see the student papers at Extremely valuable. Especially my years at CERN. I have modeled the education program I teach in large part after my experience at CERN. Teachers from across the country come to tour my lab and talk philosophy of how to do this.
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Tyce DeYoung
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Associate Professor David A. Williams 2001-2003
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Mykell Discipulo
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Asst. Dir. for Admin. & Finance All SCIPPers 2011 - present I have been with SCIPP for almost four years and have enjoyed every day. What a great group!
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Michael Dormody
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Systems Engineer Robert Johnson 2006-2012 After my time at SCIPP I joined a start-up in Silicon Valley working on indoor locationing for mobile phones.
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Patrick Draper
postdoc, UCSB 2011-2014
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John Drinkard
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VP Engineering ClemensHeusch 1985-1990 After a couple of postdocs and a lot of fun, I moved to private industry, designing embedded devices for industrial safety applications. Am now at Omron.
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Robert Echols
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Professor of Physics Michael Dine 1994-1999 After finishing my Ph.D. in 1999 I was hired as a lecturer at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. In 2001 I was hired into a tenure track position and still remain.
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Sean Echols
Lecturer Teaching physics full time at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Learning Physics ;)
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Jens Erler
Professor of Physics 1995-1997 Postdoc at Penn 1997-2001 Assistant Professor at UNAM 2002-2007 Associate Professor at UNAM since 2007
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Vitaliy Fadeyev
Associate Research Physicist 2006-now
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Guido Festuccia
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Physicist 2007-2010
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Elina Fuchs
PhD student at DESY Howard Haber 2011 After my exchange at SCIPP, I returned to DESY and also worked for a few months at CERN. Currently I am about to finish my PhD. In fall I will move to the Weizmann Institute at Tel Aviv as a postdoc.
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Miguel Furman
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LBNL affiliate/retired/farmer Mike Nauenberg and Rich Brower 1972-77 After graduating (dissertation in theoretical physics), I post-doc'ed at LBL (1977-79) and Columbia Univ. (1979-83), then spent a year at UCSC teaching (1983-84), then joined LBNL as a Staff Scientist in 1984, where I have been ever since. I became Senior Scientist in 2007, and became an Affiliate upon retiring in 2012. During all my years at LBNL I worked in accelerator beam dynamics, contributing to the design and/or performance improvement of the SSC, PEP-II and the LHC. First off, I am not sure SCIPP formally existed when I got my PhD in the summer of 1977, although Abe Seiden, who graduated a bit before I did, was already an influential personality pushing for a particle physics group somewhat independent of the Physics Dept. Those early years of UCSC were great. I learned a lot from informal discussions with the UCSC faculty (especially Mike Nauenberg, Rich Brower and Joel Primack), fellow students, and invited lecturers such as Marty Perl and Jack Steinberger, who came to teach well before their Nobel prizes. Needless to say, the most exciting events during my student years were the experimental verification of neutral currents, the discovery of the J/Psi, the tau lepton and the invention of QCD and discovery of asymptotic freedom. Although I later switched to accelerator physics, a more relaxed and collegial field of research, I think the valuable strengths that stayed with me throughout my career were: an open mind and desire to attack new problems, even in areas in which I had no formal training; and a rigorous approach to the above based on the mathematical physics I learned at UCSC, especially from Mike Nauenberg.
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Amy Furniss
Post doctoral researcher
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Zachary Galloway
Engineer Hartmut Sadrozinski 2012-Present
David Gelphman
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Alan Litke (at Stanford) 1985 I spent the last ~30 years working on software at Apple, Adobe Systems, General Magic, and SLAC.
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John Gerling
Research Scientist Hartmut Sadrozinski 2004-2006 After SCIPP I got my PhD in Applied Physics from UC Berkeley where I developed an integrated micro-spectrometer for optical metrology and chemical sensing with a sub-mm form factor. Since then I've been doing R&D at KLA-Tencor for almost 3 years on various and exciting aspects of electron beams for our next generation inspection tools.
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Rudy Gilmore
Data Scientist Joel Primack 2002 - 2009 (grad student); 2010 - 2012 (frequent visitor to SCIPP as a postdoc) After graduating from UCSC, I did a postdoc at SISSA in Trieste. In 2012, I joined an engineering startup in San Jose, working on a combination of hardware testing and data analysis. Since 2014, I have been working as a data analyst for TrueCar, an online car-buying platform based in Santa Monica.
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Herve Grabas
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Instrumentation Physicist Alex Grillo 2014 - present These days, I am working on the ATLAS Strip sensor upgrade targeting a new HVCMOS technology, and on very fast particle detection using LGAD's (Low Gain Avalanche Diodes).
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Francesco Grancagnolo
Research Director at INFN
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Georgia Hamel
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Retired I learned from everyone I worked with 1978-2011 I retired in 2011 after working at UC for 40 years -- 34 of those were at SCIPP. I could not have asked for a more rewarding professional career.
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Gabriel Gabriel Archacki Hare (Hare)
Manager for UI team at Leap Motion Jason Nielsen 2004-2012
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Doug Hellinger
Joel Primack, Dave Dorfan, Terry Schalk 1982-1985,1993-1995,2010- Sharing 25 years of bliss with my wife, Val. 30 years working in scientific and engineering consulting and R&D. Enjoying traveling the world and continuing my life long exploration of martial arts, yoga, Continuum, and progressively less extreme sports. Most of my professional skills and many key opportunities derive from my various tenures at SCIPP.
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Hardy Hodges
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Real Estate Broker/Investor Joel Primack 1998-1990 After SCIPP I did another postdoc at Harvard CfA. From there, I was lured to Wall Street. I started at Goldman Sachs and did "high finance" for 10+ years where I created new products, worked on billion dollar deals, and had a blast! Simultaneously I had started to buy real estate investments and eventually decided to retire from Wall Street and focus on real estate. My family (2 daughters 9 & 12) relocated to Marin County a few years ago, where we run our businesses remotely. I am unable to make either day of the reunion, but best wishes to all. SCIPP provided an incredibly talented group of people to learn and collaborate with, and enabled me to be very productive during my 2 year postdoc there. Now that I have returned to the bay area, and still have a passion for cosmology, Joel Primack was kind enough to plug me back into SCIPP which enables me to dabble in cosmology in the spare time I have (which is not much, unfortunately). Thanks SCIPP and Joel!!
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Brad Hubbard-Nelson
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physicist/engineer Hartmut Sadrozinski 1990-1994

Surprisingly it has been over 20 years since I was a postdoc at SCIPP, and I find I’ve gotten pretty far from what I was doing then, both in my career and the way I think about things. My years at SCIPP, working on the SSC (before cancellation) and then on the ZEUS project at DESY, were quite enjoyable, especially working with many interesting collaborators and developing expertise in areas that interested me. However, I came to realize I wasn’t so interested in particle physics for its own sake (and couldn’t pretend so well enough to go further), but what I really like is putting things together, particularly on interdisciplinary projects where the ‘customers’ have diverse needs and interests. This led me into small business, first doing grant funded R&D, then, after moving to the Boston area, getting involved with a couple of people to found Innov-X Systems, a small company making x-ray instruments for material analysis, where I spent ten enjoyable years. (A piece of advice for anyone considering getting into business: find someone who really likes to sell things and has the skills to do so, and sell yourself to him/her. This will make the difference between a hobby and a successful enterprise.)

Eventually our company was sold to a larger one, and after a transition year during which dissipated much of the creative energy of the business, I left to start the next phase of my career. I went to Spain for a year with my wife and two children, to get a chance to experience a different culture. During that year I got very interested in climate science. I’d been concerned about climate change for years, but it was easy to ignore as long as I was busily engaged in something else. The science is fascinating, beautiful and many-faceted, and now I wish I had gone into that field instead of HEP. Live and learn – when I was a grad student I remember thinking that subjects which weren’t ‘fundamental’ were not interesting but just messy.

In the year since returning, I’ve made the effort to understand how the climate functions and what the data says - which, by the way, is clear in where we are headed, despite some uncertainty as to the arrival date. My imperative now is to work to do what I can to change course. Last fall I taught a course on climate science for citizens, which I enjoyed immensely and plan to teach again this year. Currently I am focusing on energy – specifically how to achieve a sustainable energy future for the planet, which has an absurd number of people most of whom need more of it. I’ve been learning about nuclear fusion – a technology which looks to be closer than many people think, and if achieved in the next couple decades could make a real difference.

My time at SCIPP was valuable in a number of ways. Most directly, I got a chance to really learn electronics, by designing a readout system. I had taken an electronics course and even taught the course as a post-doc, but never had designed something to be built. A board needed to be designed for a beam test in Japan, and Hartmut asked me if I would do it. That was a lot of fun, a chance to learn on the job, and I got enough support from the group to get it done and working. That experience led me to my next job and has taken me a long way since. It also taught me that I enjoy ‘turning screws’ as much as fundamental science.
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Paulo Irulegui
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Engineering Manager Howard Haber 1984-1990 Moved to industry. Have been working with touch input and displays
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Caitlin Johnson
David A. Wiliams 2012-Present I am currently a graduate student doing research as a member of VERITAS and CTA.
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Vicki Johnson 2007-Current
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Jeff Jones
Software Engineer Tom Banks 2005-2009 I transitioned into the software industry via Wolfram Research and Yahoo, and now work on a small team of engineers who maintain one of the world's most popular online dating websites OkCupid Exposure to the academic world of particle physics expanded my perspective of the world in many ways--will always carry fond memories of Santa Cruz and UCSC faculty and students
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Lutz Köpke
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Professor probably Abe? 1983-1986 Well, after spending my postdoc years as Santa Cruz, I went to CERN as a fellow and temporary staff member to join OPAL at LEP. Then I got offered a scientists position working at DESY for the ZEUS experiment, until in 1994, I got a professorship offer at the Johannes Gutenberg-University at Mainz, Germany. After working for several years with the NA48 kaon experiment as well as building part of the ATLAS detector, I joined IceCube in 1999. I am also rather engaged in University affairs, spending a few years as the Dean of the faculty and being engaged in improving and organizing teaching and advising students. Santa Cruz and SCIPP were highlights of my live - even when correcting for the "rose coloured filter" that memory kindly applies. It was a time when efficient analysis tool, such as Toby Burnett's IDA, became available to quickly analyze "sudden realizations" coming up in sleepness nights. Last but not least, I got to know my wife Marcia, who i almost electrocuted when HV testing the Mark II drift chamber. Santa Cruz and SCIPP were highlights of my live - even when correcting for the "rose coloured filter" that memory kindly applies. It was a time when efficient analysis tool, such as Toby Burnett's IDA, became available to quickly analyze "sudden realizations" coming up in sleepness nights. Last but not least, I got to know my wife Marcia, who i almost electrocuted when HV testing the Mark II drift chamber.
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Kristine Ing (Kushner)
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Andrey Kuznetsov
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Systems Engineer David A. Williams 2011-2014 I obtained my Astrophysics undergraduate degree in 2014 and am now working at a mature startup in the imaging sensor industry. The company is producing the world's first image sensor using Quantum Film as the light detection material instead of silicon. Aside from being hands on because it's a startup my duties include characterization and performance testing of systems from image sensor device to equipment used to perform the characterization. My time at SCIPP was essential to the direction of my career. I knew that I was interested in engineering but just not sure of which particular field. Working at SCIPP on the Cherenkov Telescope Array and related projects helped me to focus my interests on light sensing. Which turned into a career with the help of some of the connections I've made at SCIPP.
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Barry Lieberman
Retired Clem Heusch/Terry Schalk(surrogate) 1970-1975
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William Lockman
Physicist (retired) 1984-2013 Physicist on the Mark-III, SDC, Zeus, BaBar and ATLAS experiments. On BaBar, made the first observation of D0-anti-D0 mixing. Worked on pp->(W,Z)+H(->bbbar) on ATLAS prior to retiring. Currently involved in Astro-photography and home remodeling! Enjoyed the familial atmosphere at SCIPP and working for the best boss in the world, Abe Seiden!
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Heather Logan
Associate Professor Howard Haber 1993-1999 After leaving UCSC I was a postdoc in the theory group at Fermilab for three years and then at U. Wisconsin Madison for three years. In 2005 I joined the faculty at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I'm working on phenomenology of extended Higgs sectors, mostly oriented toward LHC searches. I learned how to do physics!
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Scott MacAfee
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Engineer Robert Johnson and Hartmut Sadrozinski 2011-2013 Since leaving SCIPP I have been working as an engineer supporting electric powered aviation projects at Joby Aviation. Working under Robert and Hartmut in the lab on the pCT project was a great introduction to research and engineering in an environment relatable to non-academic work.
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Forest Martinez-McKinney
Electronics Technician Hartmut and Ned 2002-present I have had the opportunity to contribute to many projects and collaborations at SCIPP over the years. This includes but not limited to: PTSM; ATLAS-SCT; ATLAS-upgrade; SiGe testing; ADELE; HPS; ILC; pCT; Retina; In-Vivo; EPTSM. SCIPP and it's wonderful community of Physicists and Engineers have fostered my interests in electronics, science, as well as the pursuit and appreciation of knowledge and understanding.
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John Mason
Assistant Professor Howie Haber 2002-2008 I did a postdoc from 2008-2011 and then moved to Gunnison, CO in 2011 to teach at Western State Colorado University. My family and I are very much enjoying the area.
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Roy Melander
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Systems Engineer Abraham Seiden 1980 ~ 1983 After completing my Masters degree I found various jobs in the area; finally ending up at a small Rocket Ranch in Bonny Doon and began working as a test engineer. The combination of physics, instrumentation and computer science that I learned at UCSC/SCIPP provided me with skills to succeed. I moved on to the bay area facility and worked my way up and became a rocket scientist; the punchline of many jokes. I specify environmental requirements for rocket components to withstand and perform through and verify those requirements are met. My rockets work real well. After working with such a diversity of people from different countries and temperment, to work at SLAC, to operate within a high degree peer review and technical excellence gave confidence to succeed. Mathematical Methods! Italian food! Electronics, Physics, Computer Science Particle detection systems White Cleanroom Suits & Yellow Boots Driving to SLAC in a new Blue Ford Futura with Department of Energy Eagles on the Side Beam Time & VAX Computers CAMAC & LEMO Connectors
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David Menichelli
Research Project Manager Hartum Sadrozinski 2002 I have been a researcher at University of Florence till 2009 (up to this time I kept cooperating with SCIPP). Since 2010 I am in the physics an innovation team of IBA Dosimetry. Although I have been at SCIPP just for a couple of months, this experience turned out to be very important for my career, and I wish to acknowledge it with this short comment. It is not easy to say why: maybe the prestige of the institution, the level of research environment, the "being a different place". It is easier to explain that the peace and beauty of the west coast had a major inlfuence on my private life!
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Jessica Metcalfe
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ATLAS postdoc Alex Grill, Hartmut Sadrozinski, Abe Seiden 2003-2006 I am a postdoc at Brookhaven National Laboratory working on muon and silicon sensors for ATLAS, Vector Boson Scattering physics analysis, and developing a new type of particle detector based on Thin Film technology. I learned so much from a great team of advisors at SCIPP! I gained a strong foundation in silicon detectors that has helped propel me in HEP and start my own research project on Thin Film detectors. I continue to feel supported and mentored.
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Colleen Milbury
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Postdoctoral Research Associate Robert Johnson and Harmut Sadrozinski 1999-2001 After graduation, I worked as a nuclear engineer before I started graduate school at UCLA in planetary physics. For my PhD dissertation I studied Mars' paleomagnetic fields. I was a postdoc in Nantes, France for a year doing research similar to my PhD work. I'm currently a postdoc at Purdue University and part of NASA's GRAIL mission. I model impact crater formation on the Moon and the effect of porosity on the gravity signatures of craters.
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Jessica Missaghian
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Len Moss
Retired Preceded SCIPP: at UCSC 1971-77
Gavin Nesom
Curriculum Developer 2003 - 2005 It took a while to realize that being a Silicon Valley engineer is not as fun as research, but I eventually found the perfect job designing, creating and sometimes teaching technical courses. SCIPP let me understand that talking and interacting with students was the thing I liked most. Not only did that suggest my ultimate career but SCIPP provided so many students who became colleagues at my current work!
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Jason Nielsen
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Associate Professor; SCIPP Associate Director 2006-present Experimental hadron collider physics, currently with the ATLAS experiment at LHC. I am often amazed to find out who is a SCIPP alumnus, and I look forward to meeting more of you.
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Deva O'Neil
Assistant Professor of Physics Howie Haber 2002-09 I teach a small liberal arts college, and most of my job is teaching. However, I do some particle physics research projects with students. Right now I am working on helicity amplitudes for the decay of a scalar or pseudoscalar to a 3-gauge-boson final state. I loved graduate school and I am grateful for the chance I had to work with Howie, Michael Dine, and Tom B. I now have my dream job--teaching at a liberal arts institution.
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Kathy O'Shaughnessy
Vice President Abe Seiden 1990-1995 Since I left SCIPP I've been working in the medical device industry here in the Bay Area. I've exchanged "boson" talk for anatomy and a soldering iron (OK I really didn't do that much soldering) for a PC computer. I head the Clinical/Regulatory and Quality functions. Designing experiments on patients (aka clinical studies) has its own unique challenges. My two "SCIPP" babies (Rachel, now 22, and Danny, now 20) are both finished/ finishing college and my youngest graduates high school this year. (I'm sure that makes some people feel older!). The skills of critically reviewing data never lose their value! I am much more of a generalist now but appreciate the experience of becoming an expert on a topic. Working on the large particle physics collaborations is similar to working in start-up companies (which has been most of my experience).
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Lisa Hendry (Olson)
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Engineer Marc Sher, Hartmut Sadrozinski 1982-1986 After graduating from UCSC with a BA in Physics, I received a MS in mechanical engineering from UCD, and then worked as a packaging engineer and group manager for Clorox in the Bay Area. I met my husband, Brian, at Clorox and we had two kids (now 19 and 17). Currently I am working on various projects at Clorox including SAP conversion, environmental sustainability, and most recently, packaging standards creation for Burt's Bees (which is owned by Clorox). My years at UCSC as a physics major were some of the best of my life! While I don’t work in a field that requires a degree in Physics, SCIPP helped me develop a solid foundation in the sciences that led me to a successful career in mechanical/packaging engineering.
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Nepomuk Otte
Assistant Professor David Williams 2008-2011 Went on a 6 week long road trip. Ended up in Atlanta @ Georgia Tech Definitely some fun three years we enjoyed very much. Also because SCIPP was like one big family to us.
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Richard Partridge
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Michael Peskin
still a physicist 1986, 1995 I have been a local, frequent visitor to SCIPP since 1982. However, I had two memorable formal associations with SCIPP: 1. Co-organizer of TASI 1986, arguably the best of the TASIs (with talks by John Bahcall, Luigi DiLella, Sandy Faber, Michael Green, Stuart Raby, Burt Richter, and many others), certainly the one with the most beautiful surroundings. 2. A one quarter sabbatical in 1995, mainly spent in a quite 4th floor office. This was essential for the completion of my quantum field theory textbook. I also taught part III of the book to a wonderful class that included Nicolo Cartiglia and Emanuela Barberis.
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Maureen Petterson
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Research Scientist Hartmut Sadrozinski 2005-2007 I recently finished my PhD from the University of Florida, where I worked on Fermi level modulation of carbon nanotubes integrated into silicon based solar cells. I’m now working at Applied Materials as a research scientist and make good use of the skills I learned at SCIPP and am still good friends with many of the great people I met there. “But Hartmut, I don’t know how to do any of that analysis.” “Well Maureen, this job will be the perfect place to learn.” That last sentence, spoken to me by Hartmut Sadrozinski in the spring of 2006, perfectly encapsulates my experience at SCIPP. I started at SCIPP in 2005 working with Hartmut and fellow undergrad and grad students on Proton Computed Tomography. My undergrad thesis explored the viability of using silicon strip detectors and an FPGA based data acquisition system to accurately determine the resolution of a simulated tumor, a project that I found both fascinating and meaningful. Not only was the hands on research at SCIPP intellectually challenging, but the breadth of research areas encompassed by the department guaranteed exposure to a variety of disciplines and the chance to work on novel, interdisciplinary projects. The professors and scientists at SCIPP showed me that one in academia doesn’t need to be pigeonholed into a particular path, but is free to explore tangential areas that they are interested in. After graduating with a BS in 2006, I was offered a full time position at SCIPP working on charge collection efficiency of irradiated silicon strip detectors, a project aimed at finding ways to mitigate radiation induced damage in the ATLAS detector. The experimental skills I picked up at SCIPP working on the myriad of SCIPP research projects have been instrumental in shaping my role as a scientist. The people I have met through SCIPP have been invaluable as both friends and mentors.
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Jed Pixley
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Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Maryland Hartmut While at SCIPP I worked under Professor Hartmut Sadrozinski on various projects concerning silicon strip detector's radiation hardness and developing the SCT-DAQ system to read out both positive and negative charged signals. My time at SCIPP was invaluable, allowing me to pursue independent research and develop my scientific approach at a young age. I then switched fields and went into theoretical condensed matter physics, obtaining a PhD at Rice University in the Spring of 2014, and then moving onto a postdoctoral fellowship at the Condensed Matter Theory Center and the Joint Quantum Institute in the department of physics at the University of Maryland. My research is concerned with the theory of quantum phase transitions, emergent phases, and unconventional superconductivity in rare-earth metals, semicondcutors, semi-metals, and ultra cold quantum gases. My colleagues and I have developed a new theory of superconductivity relevant for metals with very strong electron-electron interactions that defy the standard theory of Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer. In addition, we have recently shown a novel type of semiconductor posses an entirely new type of quantum phase transition that will be very relevant to understand the effect of disorder and imperfections on developing a general theory for three dimensional Dirac and Weyl semimetals and superconductors.
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Teela Pulliam
Staff at Science is Elementary Hartmut Sadrozinski (undergrad) Bruce Schumm (grad) 1992-2002 After my many happy years at SCIPP, a post-doc and some years at SLAC in the computing group, I am excited to be working at Science is Elementary. SiE is a non-profit which provides hands-on science lessons in low-income schools.
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Jeff Rahn
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Optical Engineer Hartmut 92-98 SCIPP has left me well prepared to contribute to fiberoptic communications, the backbone of the internet. I have been learning about and developing better signal processing algorithms at Infinera, a small company in the Bay Area. Our product allows tens of terabits per second to travel on a single optical fiber. Infinera manufactures its integrated opticals and systems in California and Pennsylvania, proving that manufacturing is still possible in the US. Kelli and I have three kids and live in Sunnyvale. SCIPP taught me how to develop large, complex technical projects. SCIPP also taught me to look at problems from different directions, and I relish new challenges, finding ways of looking at problems that others hadn't seen. It also taught me to avoid jobs which require shift work.
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Felix Rosenbaum
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Casualty Model Developer Alex Grillo 2001-2003 Now working for a re-insurance company. A wonderful experience with great people.
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Bill Rowe
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Retired Abe Seiden 1977 - 2003 After retiring from SCIPP I worked for sever medical organizations. In particular, Northstar Neuroscience in Seattle and later a Cleveland Clinic start-up called Intelect Medical (spelled with one â
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Hartmut Sadrozinski
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Adjunct Prof (em., recalled) about 40 colleagues & 200 students 1980 - 2009, 2009 - now em. recalled Applying silicon sensors in HEP (ATLAS), Space (GLAST-Fermi), LHC Upgrade and medical applications (proton CT). Lately, together with Abe and Nicolo, I have been developing Ultra-Fast Silicon Sensors (UFSD). We are now measuring 100 ps time resolution (10^(-10) sec!) instead of the usual 20 ns.
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Tanmayi Sai
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Pablo Saz Parkinson
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David A. Williams and Robert Johnson 2003 - Present I have worked on gamma-ray astronomy with both the Milagro and Fermi LAT experiments.
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Terry Schalk 40
Andreas Schwarz
Physicist 1985-1988 After my time at SCIPP (1985-1988) I went to the Max Planck Institute in Munich (Gerhard Lutz et al.) and worked on the ALEPH doublesided silicon vertex detector. I eventually became project leader for the construction, installation and commissioning of the first version of the device. At that time also Alan joined ALEPH and I remember our collaboration fondly. In December 1993 I moved to DESY where I was offered a position as a “Leading Scientist” (equivalent to a full professor level) and started to work on the HERA-B experiment, whose spokesman I was from 1995 to 2000. These were tough times. After some intermediate work on a large beam dump for the TESLA machine (ILC predecessor) I became deputy project leader for the preparation of the X-Ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) project at DESY (setup of project structure, preparation and execution of management decisions, project follow-up). Since 2008 I am one of the three Scientific Directors of the European XFEL (, responsible for the areas of undulators, detectors, data acquisition and controls, technical services and civil construction (an interesting mix  ). I had a great time both at SLAC and at Santa Cruz. I still remember the weekly drives to Santa Cruz and the occasional visits to Aldo’s.
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Marc Sher Primack (postdoc advisor) 1980-1982, 1984-1987 I had two postdocs at UCSC in the 80's, and finally landed a tenure track job at William and Mary. Have been there for 25 years as a professor in high energy theory. Just finished a year and a half as the NSF Program Director in High Energy Theory/Cosmology.
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Jeff Skala
Hartmut Sadrozinski 1982-1985 I worked as an undergraduate student in the SCIPP lab from 1982 until I graduated from UCSC in 1985. I spent a few years living and working in LA and moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1991. I've been here ever since, developing computer software for the data storage industry. I currently work for NetApp. I got married in 2010 and have two stepdaughters, ages 18 and 23. SCIPP is where I learned to program and I managed to parlay that experience into a career. My time at SCIPP was terrific -- running physics experiments as an undergrad, learning career skills, and getting incredible support from everyone in the group. It could not have been a better environment for me.
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Zheng Sun
Associate Professor Michael Dine 2002-2007
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Alan Weinstein
Professor of Physics Abe Seiden 1983 - 1988 After SCIPP (ok, the best years of my life!) I moved on to Caltech. I continued my work on Mark II and Mark II, then moved to CLEO at Cornell. Then I avoided BaBar. Then I moved to LIGO, and have been working on gravitational wave science ever since. OMG. So many ways.
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David (A.) Williams
Adjunct Professor Don Coyne and Matteo Cavalli-Sforza 1987-present! My time has SCIPP has been and continues to be my career. It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to work with all the terrific people who have come to SCIPP at one time or another.
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David C. Williams
Research director 1994-2006 I have been busy with my new career in drug discovery, learning what is needed to run a high-tech business and manage cutting edge research in the private industry. Problem solving is a universal skill
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